About Me

I am a published author, book editor, composer-singer-pianist, poet, essayist, nationally awarded playwright, journalist, educator, and English trainer.


29 Responses to About Me

  1. Nicole Calo says:

    Your blog is very straightforward and informative. It shows the main problems the Philippines is facing. I am still studying and building an essay called “The Solution to the Philippine National Question”. I hope it would become the greatest ‘eye opener’ in our democracy’s history. And BTW, you look so pwetty!

  2. Thank you, Nicky, for appreciating my blog. Don’t stop praying for the Philippines. As more and more Filipinos pursue a vision of freedom for the Philippines, just as what you are doing, though you are only 14 years old, there’ll be hope for the Philippines. Have faith, keep on hoping, and love with God’s love.

  3. I love your postings musings/reflections/postings.
    I run a nonprofit organization here in the US – diaspora ng Massachusetts, and I wonder if I could ask permission to use some of your writings? We publish a fundraising program once a year to raise money to ship books to mini-libraries we establish all over the Philippines (see http://www.aklatan.org). It helps to insert both inspirational and analytical pieces t encourage our kababayans to constantly look for ways to help the country.

    Your name sounds familiar – did you go to Ateneo de Manila?


  4. Dear Rowena,

    Yes, by all means! Thank you for asking for my permission. I constantly pray that my written thoughts will reach more people. You are being part of the answer to this prayer by using my writings in your noble endeavors.

    Yes, I graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University.

    I hope that you keep in touch.


  5. Manny says:

    I’m happy to see that you’re doing your best to bring the light of faith and truth to others. I found your blog on the Ang Kapatiran website. How are you affiliated with the party?

    By the way, I also wrote about Ang Kapatiran’s JC delos Reyes on my blog. He’s fighting a lonely fight against the culture of death in Olongapo. I hope mor epeople will support him.

    God bless!

  6. jessy says:

    I have to meet another one.

  7. Hi Ruby Ann it has been a long time we haven’t communicated. Thank God for the internet where I discovered your friendster and blogspot. We just got connected last August by God’s Providence. I am learning to walk on water as Christ taught Peter cause we Christians of today should prepare ourselves and unite as one as we are ushered into this millenium with new things coming.

  8. Mabuhay Ruby!

    You impress like a fellow-Filipino and educator who already subscribes to the Nation
    Building Concept, Gathering and Movement of TransEd-TransPin.

    Please, visit us…


    … perhaps you too can buttress TETP with your involvement as with us you come to feel kindred in the awesome adventure of Transforming Education to Transform the Philippines.

    Mabuhay Pinas!

    03 July 2008

  9. Leigh Ann Buba says:

    God bless you. i hope i can talk to you.

  10. Hi Ruby… you look great with ur new look. I can see u glowing with the joy of Christ within. Keep it up I love ur new aura marami kana siguro mga bagong suitors ngayon na pumipila….hahaha. PARA KANANG ARTISTA, PWEDE KA SA PINOY BIG BROTHER OR PINOY DREAM ACADEMY. Pati ako na iinlove sa new look mo….HAHAHA

    Musta ka na… excited to know ur updates.


  11. roger lasquite says:

    me anak din ako na Rovi Ann naman at me anak siya na,ilang buwan pa lang,pangalawa,Kai James naman,sana marami ang sumali dito at maging patuloy ang mga usapan,nakakalakas ng loob na ituloy ang pagtataguyod sa mga tao at grupong patuloy na ipinakikita ang maigting na pagmamahal sa bayan.

  12. Nakakatuwa naman na malapit sa pangalan ko ang pangalan ng anak mo. At meron akong anak na ang palayaw ay Kai. Mag-po-post ako ng artikulo na sinulat ko nung Enero, tungkol naman ito sa Reproductive Health Bill. Antabayanan mo sana ito.

  13. Adrian Sison says:

    reflections make us love life and understand our environment. David , do continue to inspire all to understand our faith.

  14. MARIO CAGAOAN says:

    The EYES reflects the elegance of your character and it relates the meaning of Pride, Intelligence and Love of your LIFEline. In which everyone who sees it will fall on their knees, will beg you to be a friend, mentor and a woman to be adored. It is always seeking the truth, the reality and honesty. I like your style it’s a mixture of modern and classic but with a taste of honey. I call that TERRIFIC!

    • I am so encouraged by your positive words, Mario. To present opinions that go against the current of popular beliefs, as I sometimes do when I put my thoughts into writing, is not easy. I do get dressed down at times. Still, I dare speak out my mind and use the power of writing to explain my contemplation on matters often not considered. A life may be saved, a culture revolutionized, a future turned around, freedom attained, or a soul inspired by writing with courage one’s thoughts, no matter how unpopular or unheard of. Your affirmation lifts up my soul and inspires me to write on!

  15. kulay says:

    I suppose most of your friends have visited this blog of yours already and have expressed their sincerest commendations to your highly provocative thoughts. I confess then that I am one of your dear friends who was able to check your blog but failed to leave a comment. So, before you’d give me a cold treatment for this…hehehe…here then…I wrote a comment… proving I indeed checked your blog…or is this rather not enough to prove anything anyway? Well, to give it straight to you…just keep on writing Ruby. Your writings keeps your readers’ minds and hearts fluid and challenged.

  16. Finally, I get to hear from you about my blog! Thank you for encouraging me to keep on writing. Here in my blog, I have a venue to express my thoughts without waiting to be published in print. Here, those who seek to understand things differently from popular beliefs, if only to get to the true substance of an issue, seem to find answers and affirmations that give their souls peace and a determination to pursue a better path. Here, I dare to be radical in thinking, in faith, in conviction, I question culture, and I offer considerations that hopefully can bring light to those who seek better ways to see things. Yes, my friend, for readers like you, I will continue writing and posting my writings in Pinay@heart. I hope you’ll return to my blog again and again.

  17. This is a superb piece of writing, I located your blog checking aol for a similar theme and came to this. I couldnt come across to much different information on this blog post, so it was awesome to discover this one. I likely will end up being back to check out some other articles that you have another time.

  18. That’s great to know, Quinton! I look forward to hearing from you again.

  19. tarits says:

    yey! a new website to lurk in! =)
    it was great to meet you, nicole and kairos at isacc. thanks for sharing your passionate heart for the nation and for the highschoolers. will be praying for you. blessings!

  20. Eddie AAA Calderon says:

    Thanks for your website. You are indeed very talented and also a very beautiful woman.

    I am very active in the e-mail exchange and we talk of anything under the sun and politics is one of them.


  21. Bob Rosete says:

    Good Job!!! u r soooooooo coooool!

  22. waebi says:

    What an excellent work. I rarely read so good observed “opinions”.
    I referred your “opinions” in my blog and will add an entry in our website.

    Please keep going on but please, be careful.

  23. Hi waebi, I posted your message to me on my FB. I also posted on my FB the link to your blog that has the link to my opinion column Pinay@heart in Journal Online. Some friends shared your link on their FB’s. Thank you for your concern for me and also for your interest in my writings. Here was my status post yesterday:

    Someone fears I might “disappear” one day without prior notice because of my opinion writing. He or she writes me, “What an excellent work. I rarely read so good observed ‘opinions.’ I referred your ‘opinions’ in my blog and will add an entry in our website. Please keep going on but please, be careful.” My thought? Thank goodness, someone’s listening to what I’m saying.

    Here’s his or her blog entry about my opinion column:


  24. Roger Lasquite says:

    Kumusta na po…

  25. MLG says:

    Ruby, are you able to connect with me through LinkedIn?

  26. Jing Sumalpong says:

    Hi Ms. Calo

    I am looking for the red, green , blue and any other level apart from what i have which are the yellow and orange levels, of your Mastering Grammar Books. I checked all national bookstores close to fairview but they were not anymore available… upon checking of their database the blue level was supposed to be available at the Cubao NBs. we went there but it was also not available.

    would you still have copies of them for sale? or do you know other bookstores still carrying them?

    thanks a lot.


  27. Kunle says:

    Paul Navarrete in Toroyo sent me the article on President Duterete for info nd reference. Cc Your Uncle Paul

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